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new art originals – NAO Awards 2011 finalists chosen

Posted by newartoriginals on March 16, 2011

new art originals

new art originals – NAO Awards 2011 finalists chosen

We had hundreds of entries but finally ….

Here are the results of the last 15 of the NAO Awards 2011 as chosen by our judge John Lyons.

John Lyons is a painter and poet who has held many professional positions in the arts.

The overall winner will be selected by a representative of the Arts Council UK  soon. Watch this space!

The 15 finalists chosen works:


1)    Breaking Boundaries, 16255.  Good control of colour, playful yet thoughtful

2)    Eagle Moon, 16886.  Conceptually Dali-esque in its imagery, especially the hidden second face.

3)   Gold Fish, 7428.  A delicately painted fish, dynamic in its movement.

4)   Immersion, 40341.  A decorative piece with beautiful colour which renders the clichéd concept acceptable.

5)   Leadenhall Market, 14291.  I like the painterly honesty of this painting.

6)   Looking at Picachos, 15435.  The handling of the paint gives a dream-like and feeling quality which is attractive.

7)   Pawnbroker, 27496.  An expressionist painting, perhaps attempting to describe, in the painter’s opinion, the dark greed behind the pawnbroker’s occupation.

8 ) Piccadilly Circus, 19940.  This painting lies between two styles: the impressionist and the expressionist.  Be that as it may, the painting captures the excitement and busy atmosphere of a city thoroughfare.

9)   Rainy Day, 19459.  A balanced use of colour in its composition.

10) The Journey, 27304.  There is a mystical, even mythical quality to this work; the limited palette used enhances these qualities.

11)  Little Ballerina’s Dream, 32417.  There is an appealing romantic feel to this well-executed, illustrative work.

12) Turtles in Habitat Merged, 51579.  Intuitive, playful use of colour.

13) Vase with Flowers, 20630.  A decorative, studied use of colour contrast.

14) Wild Flowers, 18392, Well-painted, especially in capturing the reflection on the polished surface.

15)  Zodiac Protection, 20423.  A mysterious quality in this painting achieved in its use of a limited colour scheme.

John Lyons CV

2004 – 2010 Trustee Member of the Board of Hourglass Educational Arts Development Services

1998-2004 – Director, Hourgass Studio Gallery

2000 – Adjudicator Co-operative Insurance Christmas card competition

1994-2002 – Member of the Board of Directors, AXIS Visual Arts Information Service

1994 – External Assessor, BA Hons in Cultural Studies, Norwich School of Art and Design

1994 – Adjudicator, British Council Children’s International Painting Competition

1994 – Adjudicator for W. H. Smiths Illustration Awards to Schools, John Moores University, Liverpool

1991-92 – Member of the Board of Directors, Nia Centre

1991 – Selector for Dub Transition, an exhibition of work by Denzil Forrester, Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston

1991 – Selector for the Nottingham Open Exhibition

1989 – Advisor to Young Contemporaries Exhibition Company

1988 – Adjudicator for the Young Artist Award, Whitechapel Art Gallery London

1987 – Selector for the exhibition, Double Vision, Cartwright Hall Bradford

1987-89 – External purchaser for the Arts Council National Collection


new art originals


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  1. Allie said

    Way to go, Little Ballerina’s Dream !!

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